Altea Launch International Event
Creative direction . Moving scenography of 40 m
Gala Event Show conceived for the International Congress of Seat.The biggest event in Spain in 2004. 15 days, 5000 people.

The gala show turns around the launch of the new Seat car, the Altea, the new branding, and its positionnement inside the motor market and the Volkswagen Group.

More than a gala with reveal, it presents the new communication line of the brand. It gives to the show a diversity of messages, around a strong corporate identity.

Duration 4 hours x 15 days

1 central mobile screen
2 lateral screens
30 roboscan ...

16 dancers

Client Seat
Location Barcelona
Production Euphon
Creative Patrice Cros

Budget 1 M Euros
Duration 3 months
Competition International
Audience 5000 people

Barcelona harbour
The gala takes place in a refitted warehouse on a wharf situated in the center of Barcelona's harbor.
The guest arrive on buses in this mysterious location. The location is incredible, surrounded by water and the barcelona skyline reflecting at night in the waters.
Like the access to a boat, the entrance of the show area is a simple square design with metallic plates and enlighten with spotlights.
Audience's view

Altea Reveal
The press reveal introduces the new Altea's car to the audience.
It 's a energetic motion video, including images from the car and the convention logo.
At the end of the video, the central screen (14 x 6m) opens and let the car access the front stage.
Urban . Multisport Vehicule
A sporty modern urban choreography, based on a rhythmic soundtrack, is performed by the national TV dance company. It 's an introduction to new SEAT branding, definitively city oriented.
The images are made of repetitive samples of the convention logo, a shadowy character moving to the rhythm of the dancers, and drawing the 'Cross the line' logo in the air.
The urban choreography ends with all the dancers handling trophies, and chains with the beginning of the awards ceremony. The Altea inaugurates a new car segment, the Multi Sport Vehicle (MSV).

Altea's tango express the passion of SEAT, the vibrant spanish brand.
Graphical visuals of the Altea (design, motor parts, wheel), representing the pulsing heart of the car, are mixed with images of dancers. The black background of the video and a subtle lighting, makes the composition very emotional, responding to the passionate tango dance.

The new brand values are presented to the audience with an esthetical lyrical choreography.
The 3 giants dancers appears through smoke onto the stage when the central screen opens. Each one represents a brand value: extrovert sporty, unconventional design and athletic.
Groups of lines and graphics move on the screens, taking the pulse of the music, and making the giant dancers evolving into an abstract moving scenery.

Cross the Line
''Cross the line', the convention claim, is the final choreography.
A tv like, hiphop show with acrobatic dancers, giving a urban ending to the gala night. Pre shot footages of dancers surrounding the Altea car, create a giant video clip projected onto the screens.
In the middle of the choreography, the singers and dancers join in the center of the stage, while the screen opens, revealing the Altea car standing in front of the disco/bar space.
The dancers invite the audience to join on stage and enter in the disco part for a dancing night.

It was a very important element in meeting the deadlines, with only 3 days of complete rehearsal.

It allowed the video director and the choreographer to make preview work with a clear vision of the synchronization of all aspects in the show. So, it was a key element for the success of a well chained gala night.

Each section from the script describes, on a timeline base, the different components of the show.