Battle of the Year . International Creative design and direction
HipHop World Cup with 20 countries . 6 hours of show for 12000 people
Creative design and direction for the International BOTY 2010.

Script writing with the BOTY production team, taking into account the Live feed of the event on Eurosport and CanalStreet.

Compact asymetrical scenography, including setup, projections, leds and lights.

Development of a realtime compositing system (SpaLive) for the presentation and control of the show. Stage control room setup


Realtime scenographic system SpaLive
Compositing cameras HD SpaTV

Projection 12x9 m
20000 lumens
Leds 10x2 m + 2x2 m

Setup 24 hours

Client Attitude
Location Arena, Montpellier

Creative design and direction Patrice Cros
Instalation Justin Artigues

Duration 6 hours (18/24h)
Audience 12000 people
Production 1 month

Live composite scenography
The central scenography is conceived as a Battle tatami, framed by white lines marking the show area. It gives to the audience a clean, compact and dynamic vision of the show.

The main panoramic screen shows 2 HD live feeds of the action taking place on stage. This presentation is made with a live 3D compositing of the feeds with graphics and titlings.

The two asymetrical Led panels give a moving graphical an titling background to the choreographies. A DJ space is situated over the panoramic led, fitting the global design.

The central scenic space is surrounded by 2 light doors along with light columns. The global stage measure 30x15 m.
The stage has one central space for the show itself and 2 lateral spaces with informations projected on lateral screens.
The circulation on stage is based on 2 symetrical entrances (Jardin and Cour) for teams and a central entrance in between the 2 leds(M) for MCs, jury, etc. This structure, gives energy to the show, alternating entries left and right of the stage.
The 3 on-stage cameras feed the retransmission on the main screen.

Arena . 12000 spectators auditorium
A 6 hours frontal show de 6 heures for a huge audience. The efficient scenography give to everybody an optimal view of the stage.

SpaLive . Live HD stage compositing.
Technical diagram of medias.
A backup visual system (PA_PC) runs in parallel.

20 countries competition . Choreographies for semi-final selections
Design of a specific visual ambience for each team, with graphics and lights.
Dynamic titling of teams name, country and flag.
The Live 3D compositing is constantly changing, and switch the camera views.

Semi-finals and final . Live retransmision on Eurosport and CanalStreet
'Battle' mode configuration on stage with 2 teams fronting.
The main screen gives to each team a live HD feed.

Showcases and prizes.
Graphics and titling.
Live retransmission.