The 5 Continents Event show
Composite circular scenography . 35 m wide projections . Led screens and scrolling-images
The 5 continents show was created for the annual Seat gala event. Each continent's piece introducing an award ceremony for resellers of all the continents. It ´s a visual travel through our world.

The synchronization of the projections and choreography achieve a surrounding show, putting the audience at the center of the event.

At the end of the final piece, Oceania, the audience is invited to go onto the stage to keep on dancing for an all night disco.

Duration 4 hours

2 Leds screens Barco
4 scrolling-images double Pigi
30 roboscans ...

15 dancers ...


Client Seat
Location Cordoba, Spain
Production SONO
Creative Patrice Cros
Choreography Ramon Oller

Budget 0.3 M Euros
Duration 2 months
Competition National

Scenographic concept
The show is highly visual, with a 35 meters wide visual stage design, composed of 2 central asymmetrical Led screens and 2 large scrolling-images projections on the sides. It immerses the audience in a surrounding panorama.
The Leds screen presents dynamic video images, while the side scrolling projections extend the panorama with high definition graphics over the catwalk.
The central space of the stage is deep enough to give space to the car to access the central turning platform for the reveal.

Audience's view


Panoramic images used for scrolling-images projections.