Realtime circular projection Bllank for TAG Heuer @ McLaren
Conception and circular projection for interactive content.
The graphic studio La Surprise contracted me to realize a circular projection of an interactive content.

The video output of the BllankWall interactive in dvi, 1920x1080 at 30fps, enters in Spa system. A geometrical adjustment is made in realtime, and sends to the 2 projectors, 2 images corrected with edgeblend.

The Spa system is totally transparent and without effect on the interactive part.

geometry system Spa
Input HDMI 1080p
Output 2 x 1024x768

Projection 2 x Sanyo XP100 . 6500 lumens

Installation 2 hours

Client Tag Heuer . McLaren
Location Wokin, London
Production La surprise
Projection Patrice Cros

Duration 4 hours

Projection adjustment with Space Attributes
A first adjustment is realized with the projectors for complete surface covering.
The geometric adjustment is then made through Space Attributes.
An artificial offset of 65% is made through Spa, just as the circular deformation and the edgeblending. Projection height 6,80 m.
This extreme projection offset enables to free the presentation space and avoid people's shadows on the screen.

Adjustment visualisation in Space Attributes
The 2 XGA outputs with edgeblend rendered in realtime.