Stand Renault - Prototype Dynamic light choreography
Conception and production of a choreographic light tool with tracking and 3D simulation.
Production for studio lumière AHA and architects DGT, for the prototype of stand Renault, salon de Paris.

3 months work on a scale 1 prototype of a part of the stand, made possible to develop the technical and creative solutions for the final production of the stand, including more than 1000 light fixtures.

The system is composed of:
• programing of a choreographic light tool.
• creation of a generativ sequence, controling the color and movements of the light fixtures.
• programing of a multi-users tracking system.
• programing of a converter for Art-net signals.
• projection of 3D visualisation synchronised of the global stand.


Light system SpaLit
Protocole Art-net
Fixtures 8 led ramps
12 led washlights
6 motors

Visual system SpaViz
Projection 10x3m seamless - 3 projectors
Control 3D mouse

Multi-Tracking SpaTrack
InfraRed 2 cameras - 8 spots


Client AHA . DGT
Technic Impact . GL events
Location Paris, France
Instalation Patrice Cros

Production 3 months

Dynamic light choreographic tool
The tool is conceived as a synchronised system, coming from an unique graphic master, generated in real-time.
The graphic master is generated in real-time with moving images for light colors, and mathematical formulas for the movements of the motors. This master can be modified, recorded, than played live. SpaViz translate the master in 3D parameters in the projected visualisation. A 3D mouse makes navigation easy in the simulation of 10x3m. This is a tool for helping in designing the stand.   SpaLit translate the master in light signals Art-net then in Dmx, controling the color and movements of light fixture and motors. Each spot is color corrected to match the different kind of light fixtures.

Multi-user tracking system
A tracking system allow to follow and lit individually each person moving in the area of the stand. The aim is to obtain a dynamic proposal with colored lights over the main light choreography. The system is scalable without limits, and without breaks of movements along the whole area. It can take other forms.
The system SpaEye is based on 2 boxes with cameras and infrared spots, over a 10x7m area. The system is invisible. The system SpaTrack analyse the camera image and gives a position and id to each person detected in the space.   The system SpaLit receive thoses informations and convert them, rotating 8 motorised rgb spots to follow each person in its deplacements and giving them an unique color.

Final production -salon de Paris 2012
After public offer, the providers followed the technical guide elaborated on the prototype.
417 led washlights - 144 led ramps - 391 led balls with motors