SpaSet Standart augmented spaces
Stand Renault - Prototype Dynamic light choreography
Conception and production of a choreographic light tool with tracking and 3D simulation.
Battle of the Year . International Creative design and direction
HipHop World Cup with 20 countries . 6 hours of show for 12000 people
SpaGround Interactive playground with infrared multi-tracking
Interactive projection on the ground of an historical monument.
Altea Launch International gala event
Creative direction . Moving scenography of 40 m
The 5 Continents Event show
Composite circular scenography . 35 m wide projections . Leds and scrolling-images
Magic of the Games Multi-medium Olympic museum show
7 projections . Transparent HD panoramic screen . Virtual image . 50 fibber optic lighting
Through the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh 3D movie
Final Show of the Musée des Impressionistes
Realtime circular projection Bllank for TAG Heuer @ McLaren
Conception and circular projection for interactive content.
East is mine Realtime visual performance
Dynamic scenographic mapping . 14 screens: motorised, mobile, transparent . Infrared Tracking
Genes Interactive panoramic installation
Competition runs in our genes . Autostadt Thematic Park
Spanish Pavilion Universal Exposition Aichi
Dynamic composite space. Changing structure linked to natural elements.
Design in motion Gala Event Concept
Light & Water . Aquatic stage
Mediapolis Media complex . The city of communication
Thematisation for public space and retail centre.
Esteve Laboratory Pharmaceutical convention
Transparent screens and lighting . 3D movie
Fiat - Alfa Motor Show
Projection . Lighting . Movement
Shadow fire Reactive installation
Autostadt Thematic Park
Move to vision Pavilion Relaunch
Autostadt Thematic Park
La Pluralité des mondes Realtime Theatre
2 screens . 4 cameras . Interactive video
Piscène 360º Videodance choreography
Circular environment
Mediaquarium Multipurpose Centre
For Mediterranean Cities
Terras Cultural & Thematic Centre
Fondation Sorigue
Future Shuttle 3D Simulator
Djedda Thematic Park
Magic Hotel Thematisation
Waterfalls with projections . Retail centre
Comparative 359 Interactive 360º
Volkswagen Design Centre
Cleo Demo for Silicon Graphics
1st Virtual Reality demo in France