Spanish Pavilion Universal Exposition Aichi
Dynamic composite space. Changing structure linked to natural elements.
Assuming the creative direction for the pitch for the Spanish pavilion for the Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan.
Working in close collaboration with the 2 architect studios and an engineer's team.

The concept propose an evolving pavilion, "The Vital Cycle", involving a close development of moving structures synchronised with up to date audiovisual and interactive means, in a dynamic design.
This project is representative of the evolution of my conceptual line, mixing more and more domains, where the frontier between architecture (container) and content disappears.

This project finished second of a 3 stage pitch.

The Vital Cycle
The Vital Cycle is a symbolic representation of a day in Spain.

During a loop of 30 minutes, the visitor participate to an evolving pavilion, passing through the symbolic phases of:
Morning, Midday, Afternoon and Night.
Each "moment of the day" contains a part of the cross concepts: message, perception and location. This grid gives to the visitors an overall view of Spain qualities.

To obtain a complete environment, changing in an harmonious way, the vital cycle uses intensively high definition, interactive and realtime audiovisuals means. They are synchronise to mobile projection structures, transparent supports and natural elements, all deeply integrated into a global choreography.

Some conceptual pages
Presentation of concept components.