Magic Hotel Thematisation
Waterfalls with projections . Retail centre
A thematisation design for a giant resort on the spanish golden coast.

The entrance is a giant stylish waterfall of 30m. It is a composition of water panel that falls around the entrance and extends into the hall and the walls surounding the hotel. The logo, at the top,is a enlighted bubble tank.
At night, the fluid surface become the support for projection and light show, giving the hotel an impressive aspect on the borderwalk. The waterpanels in the hall project fluid images of the customers in realtime.

The stars gallery is a huge recreationnal zone inside the hotel divided in 3 ambiances. It uses intensively: decoration for the dream area, audiovisual for the city area and thematisation and stage technique for the central space.
The 'sky' of the gallery is permanently changing, using projections and lights. It makes the gallery a real entertainment world.