Mediapolis Media complex . The city of communication
Thematisation for public space and retail centre.
First conceptual line for Mediapolis, the city of communication.

Mediapolis is a project for a media complex in the north of Italy. It is equally divided into 3 parts: the media plaza, centre of the complex, giving access to the retail centre and the thematic park.

The project first present a global strategy for the coherence of the overall design. The second part sets up the bases for an information system specific to Mediapolis. The third part presents a first design for the Media plaza, uniting different live TV stages, and TV related attractions. The design mixes water and info planes layered in a controlled natural light.

The last five parts propose a thematisation for each sub areas based on communication concept. The entrance access plays with time and space with huge lenticular panorama, and the access to the thematic park is a changing composition of natural and technological elements. The 3 galleries of the retail centre have their own thematisation, related to audiovisual perceptions, natural flows and information flows.

Concept . Info
Global strategy for the coherence of the complex's design. Some pages.

Media Plaza
The Media Plaza is the heart of Mediapolis, architecture, light and water, media and nature.

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