Mediaquarium Multipurpose Centre
For Mediterranean Cities
Destined to middle sized mediterranean cities, Mediaquarium is conceived as a multipurpose recreational centre for the municipality.

It offers 4 functions to the city: an aquarium with a big tank, a 'museum', an entertainment area and a waterpark. All those components are mixed all along the visit or activities.
The audiovisual show take place in the middle of the aquarium, mixing real fishes with virtual images. The visitors can swim with the fishes in the lake, reconstitution of the mediterranean sea. They can experiment how it feels like being underwater.

Its aquatic architecture is based on 3 elements, water, light and glass. It links the sea and the land, as well as the sky and the earth. The symbol of this union is the giant water column that brings the light from the top of the building to the depth of the lake