Magic of the Games Multi-medium Olympic museum show
7 projections . Transparent HD panoramic screen . Virtual image . 50 fibber optic lighting
The show 'Magic of the Games' is the high point of the visit of the Olympic museum, a permanent installation.. It fits perfectly in the museum design based on transparent technologies.

It 's a top of the art multimedia show, that I conceived to present 100 hundred years of olympism.
After winning the international biding process, the 6 months and one million euros production for the audiovisual only, required a close collaboration with the COI board and olympic services.

The excellence of the 12 minutes show is due to the extensive research in the iconographic database and the use of a totally new way of presenting images. The 7 sources postproduction is presented on surrimposing transparent layers intricated with light effects. The visitor, surrounded by a HD 120º panorama, is presented with images overlaying in the depth of the show space.

The circular room, with pulsed flow, was specially conceived for this show.

Duration 12 minutes

Frontal HD transparent
3 barco seamless

Virtual image mirror
2 rear projections

20 fibber optic lines
5 light objects
12 light boxes
1 stromboscope

Sound 8 channels

Synchronization Dataton


Client Olympic Museum
Location Lausanne, Suisse
Production SONO
Concept and direction Patrice Cros

Budget 1 M Euros
Duration 6 month
Competition international
Audience 1.6 M visitors in 8 years

6 digital video sources to create a transparent HD panorama, letting see behind, in transparency, the back screen and virtual images projections.

48 channels of fibber optic, spots and tube lights, lighting light boxes and translucent objects.
The light effects are synchronized and integrated with the images to create a 3D graphical show.

High point and final attraction of the museum visit, the theatre is a circular room for 48 spectators totally automated. The sliding curtain turns around the audience to reveal the show.