Future Shuttle 3D Simulator
Djedda Thematic Park
3D simulator (Lcd stereo glasses), designed for Djedda in Saudi Arabia.

The purpose is to create an entertainment attraction, as well as an installation promoting the future development of Djedda as international hub.

The journey project us into a near future, inviting us to go on board of a next generation stratospherical shuttle. The preshow is a futuristic boarding room in Djedda in 2025.

After putting on their 3D glasses, the travellers start their journey by flying over the Arabic peninsula and, accelerating enter into the stratosphere. They can admire the earth and the star lights. Then the flight turn into an entertainment space ride, with the shuttle passing through meteorites shower, re-entering in the atmosphere and a Red Sea dive during when the passengers can admire the aquatic species.
The shuttle finally emerges in the lake in the entertainment park.