Through the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh . 3D movie
Final Show of the Musée des Impressionistes
Conception and direction of this 3D movie on the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh.
Realised as permanent central attraction for the impressionist museum, the 3D movie follows Vincent Van Gogh last months in Auvers-sur-Oise.

More than 70 paintings recomposed in 3D, and integrated in original locations.
Projected with an active stereographics system.

This movie represent an important point in my studies on stereoscopy.

3D film of Patrice Cros and Christophe Pascal.
A XIII Bis Software production

Duration 20 minutes
Glasses 80 active LCD
Languages French English
Graphism 70 paintings 3D


Client Musée des Impressionistes
Location Paris
Production XIII Bis Production
Conception and direction Patrice Cros
Script and music Christophe Pascal

Budget 0.3 M Euros
Duration 3 months
Competition National
Audience 200000 visitors/year

Anaglyph version. The original movie is projected with Lcd active glasses.

Some sequence in the film are conceived as a long 3D travelling, mixing the places and the paintings.

The fact the movie is in 3D, demanded an arduous previous work to chain the different locations, adjusting precisely the parameters of the stereo cameras.

In this sequence, the character is seen through different viewpoints, moving around the famous painting of Auvers church.

DVD Version
A DVD version of the movies was released. It included a 3D (with anaglyph glasses) and a normal version of the movie. The bilingual DVD offers extensive informations about the characters, paintings and situations of Van Gogh's life, as well as the impressionist movement.
It's an interesting tool completing the sequences represented in the movie.