East is mine Realtime visual Performance
Dynamic scenographic mapping . 14 screens: motorised, mobile, transparent . Infrared Tracking
Conception and direction for the visual space for a multimedia performance.

A vanguard theatre piece in applying new technologies of image and sound treatment in realtime. Extensive use of projection mapping, actor tracking and sensors, control through operator.

The dynamic and evolutive scenography is controled by my system Space attributes.

Through some sequences, the piece presents the contradictions resulting from the transition of eastern countries to democracy.

The piece is 1 hour long and contains 6 sequences.


Scenography system
Space attributes

Screens 14
4 motorized
4 rolling transparents
3 on surfaces
3 on actors

Projection 2 x XGA . 4500 lumens . Front & Back

Tracking infrared VGA

Traffic . Scenographic mapping
Compositing of ground and screens projections. Interaction between real and virtual actors.
A visual scenography that create a continuity from reality to virtuality.

Goulag . Tracking and interactive projection linked to the actor
Dynamic composition moving with the actor thanks to vertical movement tracking.
This visual environment reacts to music, movements of actor and triggers from the control operator.

Negotiation . Virtual character choreography on transparent screens
2 transparent screens of 1x2 m and 1 rear screen. Shooting on black background synchronised.
The characters interacts with each others and pass from screen to screen.

Sea Border . Projection on a moving sculpture
Projection of interactive visuals on a moving sculpture. Continuous aquatic space from screen to ground.

Sovkohz . Interactive visual sculpture
Visual composition of various diagonal planes. The animation and speed of moving images is controlled by the operator depending on the actors acting.